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Extra dressing

Garden Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, olives, and croutons

Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, and grilled chicken topped with mozzarella

Chef’s Salad

Large Garden Salad topped with turkey, ham, and provolone

House Salad

A larger version of our Garden Salad topped with tuna, ham, and provolone

Steak Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, topped with a chopped steak and mozzarella

Antipasto Salad

A larger version of our Garden Salad topped with ham, salami, provolone, and giardiniera

Caesar Salad

Romaine topped with croutons and Parmesan

Add Chicken or Shrimp

Greek Salad

A larger version of our Garden Salad topped with bell peppers and feta

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, topped with chicken marinated in hot sauce

Bleu Cheese, French, Ranch, Lite Italian, Thousand Island, Creamy Italian, House,

Fat-Free Ranch, Honey Mustard, Parmesan Peppercorn


Add cheese

Served on round roll


One beef patty with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and pickles

Make it a Double Caliburger

Chicken Filet Sandwich

Breaded chicken breast with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato

Round Steak

Minute steak, cheese, tomatoes, fried onions, and pickles

Fish Sandwich

Breaded haddock, lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce

Cold Wraps

Served with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions

Tuna and Cheese

Our homemade tuna blend and American

Ham and Cheese

Cooked ham, provolone, and mayo


Cooked ham, genoa salami, provolone, and our house dressing

Turkey and Cheese

Smoked turkey, provolone, and mayo


Cooked ham, turkey, bacon, provolone, and mayo


Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo

Hot Wraps

Chicken Caesar

Marinated grilled chicken with romaine lettuce and provolone

California Cheesesteak

Chopped steak, lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions, mayo, and American

Chicken Cheesesteak

Lettuce, tomatoes, and onions

Veggie Melt

Grilled broccoli, mushrooms, and onions, topped with tomatoes and mozzarella

Buffalo Chicken

Chicken tenders, lettuce, tomatoes, and hot sauce with bleu cheese on the side

Chicken Fajita

Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, mozzarella, and our house dressing

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce ranch and diced tomatoes

Philly Steak

Fried onions, American and sauce